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The Secret Ingredients to a Good Photograph and a Good Life Stay Connected

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

If this is your first class with Kim, it probably won’t be your last. I’ve taken all of her courses, more than once. They’ve deepened my understanding of visual design through hands-on experience with a supportive group and Kim’s insightful guidance.

Mary Lynn Muir

Kim’s classes are therapeutic, allowing contemplation and creativity. I enjoy the camaraderie and sharing of pictures in the class flickr group and Kim’s links to supplemental articles. Kim has a remarkable way of keeping the class connected!

Annie Davidsen

Thank you for a wonderful and spirit filled weekend. Your guidance and leadership was tremendous. You taught me how to see with a contemplative eye as well as my inner motivations for capturing the images I “received”!

John Carr

Lens of the Heart Photography

Recent Posts

My Mentors in Seeing

I owe a big debt of gratitude to my mentors in seeing. They’ve helped me to make the connection between photography and what it means to live a contemplative life. “Contemplation is life itself, fully awake, fully active, fully aware that it is alive. It...

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Which Photographs have been Pivotal for You?

The day I took this photograph at the car wash, what is normally a rather mundane place became a source of play with my camera. This is what a pivotal photograph does; it takes you to a new level, a new place, or offers a new insight. We are constantly changing and...

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How’s your Visual Intelligence?

Visual Intelligence: “the ability to see what’s there that others don’t, to see what’s not there that should be, to see the positives and the negatives, the opportunity, the invention, the upside, the warning signs, the quickest way, the way...

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The Camera Teaches about Connection

  I spent the summer of 1976 with my Dad in Windsor, Ontario, a place I’d never lived before. He’d moved there a few months earlier and was able to secure me a job where he worked. I had no other options at the time. I had a second part-time job that...

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The Habit of Pausing

Hello. It’s good to be back after taking a mini-sabbatical (or pause) from blogging during the month of July. I focused on family, writing, and the Adventures in Seeing workshop, where we practiced, among other things, in building pauses into our days. Why is...

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Tasting Notes for Life

  In the Adventures in Seeing workshop, we do an exercise with food that is designed to awaken all of our senses, not just the visual one. The more our senses are heightened, the more present and more memorable the experience will be. In his fascinating book, The...

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