Celebrate Impermanence


“Physicists call it the second law of thermodynamics. It is also called the arrow of time. Oblivious to our human yearnings for permanence, the universe is relentlessly wearing down, falling apart, driving itself toward a condition of maximum disorder.” ~ Alan Lightman via Brain Pickings

We are a curious species that either longs for things to stay the same or longs for them to be different. Yet, this is like hitting our heads against a brick wall. The universe, and everything in it, is in a constant state of change, whether we like it or not. Our pens run out of ink, babies are born, people die, flowers wilt, relationships end, we fall in love, we move to a new house or get a new job.

Tibetan monk Thich Knat Hanh says that we don’t suffer because of impermanence but because of our ideas about permanence. We equate impermanence with pain and suffering and lose track of the incredible gift life is.

How can we learn to embrace and even celebrate impermanence?

Let’s let our cameras and some of the wisest thinkers show the way. I’ve created a short, 15-day course to end the year 2016, where we’ll practice.

The Schedule

Over a three week period (December 5th through 23rd), you’ll receive 15 emailed prompts (5 each week, Monday through Friday), designed to get you noticing and welcoming impermanence in your life. Each week will focus on a theme.

Week 1 – Time & Change

Week 2 – Uncertainty & Loss

Week 3 – Celebration & Joy

Each email will include a photograph, a quote pertinent to the theme (with corresponding link to an article), and a photographic prompt. I will try to keep these short, considering this is a busy time of year for many. I recommend that you read through the email, and pick a word, phrase, sentence, or idea that sticks out for you. You can keep this in mind throughout the day.

There will be no group portion, but you can share your response on any social media channel using the hashtag #celebrateimpermanence.

By the end of these three weeks, I hope that you will have a whole new perspective on the transitoriness of life, with less resistance and more celebration.

This workshop is currently in session. Stay tuned as it may be offered again in 2017.
Questions? Please contact me below.


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