The Secret Ingredients for a Good Photograph and a Good Life
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On Subtlety in a Photograph

  One of the most enlightening exercises in the visual journaling workshop is to come up with five adjectives to describe a photograph. Do this for ten or so favourites and see which adjectives come up most. These words will give you insight into your purpose or...

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What I’ve Learned from Teaching

A recent email from a reader got me thinking about what I've learned from teaching photography workshops for seven years now. Susan is planning to offer contemplative photography workshops herself and asked for advice - on what's worked and what hasn't. Hmmm, I...

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The Value of Curiosity

These kids are doing what comes naturally to them, being curious. They were waiting in a long line with their parents to board a tall ship at the lake. To make the most of the time, they examined the ground at their feet, and even photographed what they found....

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