With photography, we often talk about capturing moments, yet there really is no such thing as a moment. Life is fluid, ongoing, ever-changing. Once we click the shutter, that image is already in the past. This means that impermanence is a fundamental aspect of life. We know this intellectually, but resist it psychologically.

In photography there is no meantime. There was just that moment and now there’s this moment and in between there is nothing. Photography, in a way, is the negation of chronology. ~ Geoff Dyer, The Ongoing Moment

On one hand, these thoughts of impermanence can be depressing. Time ticks away and nothing lasts forever. What we consider beautiful is ephemeral, gone in a flash. Everything and everyone is in a process of disintegration. We have no idea what the future holds. What do we do with this uncertainty?

On the other hand, this idea of constant change opens up possibilities. Every moment is fresh and new. The future is open, with events and circumstances not yet known to us, perhaps situations or events that will impact us in ways we’d never imagined.

What would it mean to live with the notion that everything is impermanent?

These are questions I often ponder. This course offers daily, short-term practices in celebrating impermanence. Maybe accepting the reality of impermanence, even celebrating it, would cause us to fall in love with our everyday lives.

The course consists of 15 emailed photographic prompts and inspiration. There will be no group, but you can see how others are responding by searching for the hashtag #celebrateimpermanence on Instagram.

Here’s how it works.

There will be daily emails (Monday through Friday) for three weeks.

The weekly topics are: Time & Change (Week 1), Uncertainty & Loss (Week 2), and Celebration & Joy (Week 3).

Each email includes a photograph, a themed quote (with link to corresponding article), and a photographic prompt.

The cost is $15 USD.

If you’ve wanted to try a workshop with me, but are hesitant about joining a group, this is a chance to try something different.

Stay tuned for the next offering in September 2017.

My goals for you:


* Realize that longing for permanence is part of human nature.

* See that change means there is novelty and surprise and possibilities everywhere.

* Stop judging everything as good or bad and see the beauty in imperfection.

* Accept loss as a part of life and practice resilience.

* Appreciate the value of grief.

* See each day as a gift, no matter what it brings.

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