Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park

Currently, I am away on vacation in the American Southwest. One of the things I was most looking forward to on this trip was spending time in the desert. We visited Death Valley National Park last week. This week, I hope to visit Joshua Tree National Park and later on, Saguaro National Park.

Before leaving, I revisited the work of photographer Linde Waidhofer. I have her beautiful book, Stone and Silence, which I purchased many years ago after hearing her speak and show her photographs. It includes text by her partner, Lito Tejaco-Flores. Here are a few excerpts from the text, along with a few more of my images from Death Valley National Park.

Badwater Basin, Salt Flats and Snow

“Linda is in love with desert light, with the clear, dry, thin air that invites a fifty-mile glance, a hundred-mile gaze, in love with simplicity and emptiness, with lines of sight that nothing less than a distant mountain range can block.”


“Horizons haunt us: hundred-mile horizons, distant horizons, 360-degree horizons, Sky’s edge, desert’s edge, earth’s edge. These far horizons shrink mountain ranges into ripples, wrinkles on a long, low line. Where the finite earth runs out and infinite sky begins.”


Sand Dune Patterns

“Photographing surprise, awe, mystery, emptiness is not the same thing as photographing a sunset.”

Do visit her website and read her wonderful essays on photography.

Have you been to the desert? How did it affect you?


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