“Peony makes us feel luscious, wild, delicious – like everything is at our fingertips and everything is possible.”
~ Katie Hess, Flower Evolution

This summer, I’m learning more about flowers, not just their names, but how they make us feel, from a book called Flower Evolution. Author and flower elixir expert Katie Hess teamed up with photographer/videographer Louie Schwartzberg to create this beautiful book. The premise is that when we connect with the power of flowers, we can enhance our mood, awaken joy, and even uncover untapped potential. If this makes you squirm a little, I ask you to think of a flower that brings you joy. Or, one that you loved when you were a kid. We all have those special ones. Consider the possibilities. The colourful blooms of spring and summer after a long cold winter awaken even the hardest of hearts.

“When we need a boost of confidence, joy, courage, or love, we’re attracted to those flowers that evoke those qualities within us.” ~ Katie Hess

Each flower is different and evokes specific qualities. The book describes these qualities in detail for dozens of flowers. At this time of year, I am especially drawn to peonies. I have two plants in my front yard that are blooming this week.

Peonies, to me, are magnificence personified.

With the first warm weather in spring, the peony stems begin to grow rapidly. By early June, their buds get as big as golf balls until they look as if they will burst. Then, one petal begins to open and this starts a chain reaction. It doesn’t take long before all of the other petals follow suit, creating the perfect ruffled mandala. Once open, the inside reveals yellow waving filaments and green and pink buds. They bloom with confidence.


Most often, we think we are attracted to flowers because of their colour and fragrance. And, that of course is part of it. Yet, Hess says that new research into the relationship between bees and flowers shows there’s more at play. Bees are attracted to the energy in flowers. This energy manifests as electrical impulses and is felt as vibrations. Remember the movie Avatar? On Pandora, the plants and flowers glowed and visibly vibrated with energy. Perhaps we too connect with these electrical impulses.

“Flowers emit a subtle energy that gives our bodies and minds a tune-up, bringing us back to our own natural balance.” ~ Katie Hess

Hess believes that we can tap into this energy more fully by creating flower elixirs.

These are not the same as aromatherapy or essential oils. Elixirs are water “infused with the bioenergetic imprint of the flowers.” Alcohol is added as a natural preservative. They can be taken externally, but also internally by drops on the tongue.

Now, if you’re interested in learning more about flower elixirs and the qualities of specific flowers, I suggest you check out Katie’s site, Lotus Wei, or buy the book.

I haven’t yet made a flower elixir of my own, however, I did make a facial mist from the petals of a peony bloom. I took two handfuls of petals, squeezed them gently, and then heated them in one cup of water on a low flame for ten minutes. Then, I strained the peony water into a spray bottle. This morning I sprayed the mist on my face and I couldn’t believe how exhilarating and fresh it felt. The mist lasts a week and Katie suggests spraying it on several times a day. Any left over at the end of the week can be used in a bath.

Hess says that the power of the peony lies in its unabashed confidence. It activates magnetism and attracts abundance. Peonies are know for attracting ants and my plants are no exception.

“It’s a myth that Peonies can’t bloom without the help of the ants; on the contrary the Peony flower buds release a sweet, sticky nectar that attracts the ants. The Peony is the perfect floral role model, showing us how to attract an army of assistance to help us achieve our vision.” ~ Katie Hess

The ants help the flower to bloom by trying to climb in to get that nectar. To me, that is simply amazing.

What’s your favourite flower and how does it make you feel?


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