One of the most common complaints heard round and round the world (or at least the developed world) is about the weather. Especially here in Canada, it’s a favourite topic of conversation. The weather is never quite right. By practicing acceptance, we can do a 180 on the weather and find new ways of seeing.

Exercise #13 in the Adventures in Seeing book is about accepting the weather and it’s a powerful metaphor for life. We’re going to experience many ups and downs, storms and calm seas, most of which are out of our control. So, what do we do with them?

Here’s the exercise.

Notice how you feel about the weather each day this week. When judgments come up, do a 180 and go out and photograph anyways. Photograph during a time that you would normally think was not good for photographing. Adapt to the situation at hand and notice what surprises you.

Rainy and foggy days can create mysterious moods in photographs.

Overcast days allow colourful details to pop.

Cold, icy days are perfect for monochrome expressions.

Bright, sunny days may not be good for portraits at noon, so why not photograph strong shadows instead?

There is no bad weather, only weather. There is no bad light, only light. So, what will you do with that?


We’re doing these exercises from the book weekly in an online Facebook group. You’re welcome to join in.


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