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"The camera is an instrument that teaches you how to see without a camera." ~ Dorothea Lange

The Adventures in Seeing book is here. 45 photographic “calls to adventure” to help you see in new ways.

Happy Canada 150

I’ll be taking some time off to celebrate Canada 150 and family weddings. Stay tuned for fall workshops.

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

This is the third and final post in the series on the topic of intentions. Our deepest intentions come from our soul and tell us why we do what we do and what we value. This is why it's so important to be aware of them, to watch where we put our feet, and then be open...

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Intentions in Photography

  In last week's post, The Purity of Intention, I explored the difference between egoic and nourishing, liberating intentions, based on the work of Tara Brach. What if we apply these same ideas to our photography? Egoic intentions in photography are based on fear...

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The Purity of Intention

Last weekend, I hosted a photography workshop in Niagara-on-the-Lake and we focused on pausing and focusing with intention. Over the next few weeks, I'll explore this topic in more detail, beginning here with an updated post from 2014. "You are what your deepest...

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Peony Essence

"Peony makes us feel luscious, wild, delicious - like everything is at our fingertips and everything is possible." ~ Katie Hess, Flower Evolution This summer, I'm learning more about flowers, not just their names, but how they make us feel, from a book called Flower...

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Turn it Upside Down

  One of the exercises in the Adventures in Seeing book is to do a 180. Whatever you're drawn to photograph, go ahead and take the picture, but then do a 180 - turn around and see if there's anything you missed while focused on your subject. Sometimes you won't...

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What Kind of Stories do you Tell with your Photographs?

In the visual journaling workshop, Once Upon a Time: Your Photographs have Stories to Tell, there is an exercise on storytelling, which participants really enjoy. The results are often surprising and reveal hidden writing talents. We take a look at three different...

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