The Secret Ingredients for a Good Photograph and a Good Life

15 prompts emailed in November – Join me as we practice celebrating impermanence beginning November 1st. Share responses on Instagram.

45 Calls to Adventure – to give you practice in seeing that ordinary reality can be quite extraordinary.

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Ordinary Life

I've just returned from a meditation/writing workshop called The Stories We Carry, at the Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. Our facilitator was Dani Shapiro, author of many books including her latest memoir, Hourglass. It is the story of her 20 years (and still...

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It Isn’t that I Have Nothing to Say

Recently, I had an email exchange with a gentleman who attended one of my in-person workshops. He wrote out some thoughts responding to a blog post I'd written in March on photographs as interactions. That post was inspired by an On Being interview with Carlo Rovelli,...

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