The Secret Ingredients for a Good Photograph and a Good Life Stay Connected

"The camera is an instrument that teaches you how to see without a camera." ~ Dorothea Lange

The Adventures in Seeing book is here. 45 photographic “calls to adventure” to help you see in new ways.

Happy Canada 150

I’ll be taking some time off to celebrate Canada 150 and family weddings. Stay tuned for fall workshops.

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10 Books on Seeing

Recently, I revisited a post by David Ulrich on his Top Ten Books on Seeing. It's an intriguing list and I've only read two of them, Walden and The Doors of Perception. In my individual posts, I often refer to favourite books on seeing, but I've never compiled a...

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Empathy and the Art of Inseeing

Empathy is a word often heard in today's world, as in we need more of it. It is "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another." I was intrigued to learn about the origin of this word in this Brain Pickings article. To summarize, the word empathy came...

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Telling your Story through 5 Visual Elements

"Show, don’t tell. Reveal the carnal details of the scene. Use those details to show and, by inference, tell the story. Images do not only speak to the mind, but also activate the heart and senses, and spark the “blink” of intuition in which the viewer recognizes in...

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How’s your Vision? Where’s your Voice?

  Each of us has a vision of life, whether we're aware of it or not. It shows up in the way we live, the people we spend time with, the media we consume, the work we do, and the organizations we support. Each of us has a vision in our photography too, which shows...

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Feldenkrais, Eyesight, and Improving your Vision

  The Feldenkrais Method® is "a form of somatic (body) education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning." My contemplative photography practice includes becoming more aware of what we're feeling in our...

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